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CharGrow makes biochar products that allow growers to cut cost, move away from harmful chemicals and permanently build the fertility of their soil.

What we’re about

CharGrow brand products are synergistic charcoal blends that are specially designed to build the health of your plants and the vitality of your soil. It is an ancient technology that we have refined for modern day use. Several years ago we made an important discovery. Through its interaction with soil microbes and plant roots, BioChar creates unique growing conditions that produce lush and abundant crops. After 6 years of university trials, we now believe it will totally change the way crops are grown in the future. In many ways, it already has.

Our work

At CharGrow, we create biochar products that optimize plant performance and increase water and nutrient holding capacity of soil. We begin our process by collecting wood residuals that would otherwise be discarded. Under carefully controlled high temperature conditions, this material is transformed to biochar; a charcoal like substance that is specifically designed to enrich the soil. To finish the process, we inoculate our biochar with beneficial soil microorganisms and plant foods.

In addition to its many soil benefits, biochar takes over 1000 years to break down.  When used in the soil, it provides a perfectly natural system of capturing carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back in the earth. In this manner, we have a nearly permanent way of building plant productivity and reducing greenhouse gases for generations to come.


Our work is inspired by the ancient techniques used by the first Americans. Prior to colonization, large populations of indigenous people used charcoal to create vast areas of fertile soil for their crops. Scientists have agreed that biochar can last for several hundred years, creating permanent changes in the vitality and nutrient holding capacity of soil. At CharGrow, we are continuing to expand on the knowledge.

Giving back to the land was what made native soil so productive; and the soils they built are still feeding us today. BioChar is part of that same “Carbon Smart” Growing System that supported the original inhabitants of North and South America. That’s good for the soil, good for reducing carbon emissions, and great for your garden.

CharGrow Biochar-based Products

CharGrow brand products are synergistic charcoal blends that are specially designed to build the health of your plants and the vitality of your soil.

CharGrow BioGranules product lable
CharGrow Source product label, for landscaping and tree planting

What we can do for you

Need help selecting the right CharGrow products for your needs?  Please contact us any time to discuss.  Especially if you’re looking for results like this…

  • 10% increase in Sweet Corn yield
  • 30 lb. / acre savings in nitrogen for Irish Potatoes
  • 22% increase in Tomato yield
  • 51% increase in Tomato yield  at first pick
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