How To

home garden raised bed amended with biochar

For Home Gardening

Learn More Information and resources for home gardeners to incorporate biochar and promote beneficial soil biology in backyard gardens and beds.

  • Raised bed
  • Vegetable garden
  • Flower bed
  • Potted plants and house plants
  • Seed startin
  • Transplanting
  • Lawn
root depth of golf turf improved with CharGrow's biochar microbial inoculant

For Golf Turf Management

Learn More With the increased fertilizer and energy costs impacting golf courses and growers today, there’s never been a better time to adopt nontoxic, cost-effective practices and inputs. CharGrow has worked with both golf course and sports turf growers to reduce chemical inputs through improved plant performance.

  • Reduction in irrigation
  • Reduction in the use of fungicides
  • Savings on fertilizer inputs

CharGrow’s Biochar Products

Adding BioGranules natural soil biology in the transplant hole

For Seeding, Transplants & Field Crops

CharGrow BioGranules™ is a carbon-based probiotic containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods. When added to growing media and native soils, BioGranules has been proven to enhance biological activity and plant performance.

CharGrow BioChar Source product loose in hand

For Lawns and Gardens

BioChar Source™ is a synergistic charcoal blend that is specially designed to help build the vitality of lawns and gardens. It is an ancient technology that we have refined for modern day use. Through its interaction with soil microbes and plant roots, biochar creates unique growing conditions that produce lush and abundant crops. This new product is made especially for establishing new lawns and gardens.

biochar electron microscope pore structure

For Soil Mixes, Erosion Control, Bioremediation and Custom Applications

Biochar Prime™ is pure soft wood carbon sold by the yard in bulk sacks or by the dump truckload. Pre-moistened to reduce dust when handling.  High fixed carbon.