For Seeding, Transplants & Field Grown Crops

CharGrow BioGranules™ is a carbon-based probiotic containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods. When added to growing media and native soils, BioGranules has been proven to enhance biological activity and plant performance.

  • Fortifies Growing Mixes
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Improves Health & Vitality of Transplants & Seedlings
  • Increases Beneficial Root Biology
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For Gardens and Lawns

BioChar Source™ is a synergistic charcoal blend that is specially designed to help build the vitality of lawns and gardens. It is an ancient technology that we have refined for modern day use. Through its interaction with soil microbes and plant roots, biochar creates unique growing conditions that produce lush and abundant crops. This new product is made especially for establishing new lawns and gardens.

  • Enhances Soil Vitality
  • Stimulates Plant Growth
  • Increases Water Retention
  • Increases Soil Microbial Activity
  • Builds Carbon Reserves for Future Crops
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Due to its remarkable pore structure, scientists have reported that one gram of well made biochar can have a surface area of over 2,000 square feet per gram. This allows it to adsorb more water, soluble organic matter, gases and organic nutrients than other amendments. In addition, the intricate pore space provides a refuge habitat which can support high populations of beneficial soil microorganisms. Consequently, biochar has a remarkable ability to act as an agricultural catalyst, with researchers reporting enhanced plant growth of 30% to 300%.

While biochar alone can have benefits for growing plants, we prefer to stack the deck in your favor by providing a uniquely “loaded’ charcoal. It is this priming effect that has allowed us to obtain the replicated results we have achieved over the years.

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